A frequently asked question before Formal Recruitment is "What should I wear?" The Alpha Phi chapter from Chico State has put together a look book of different ideas for outfits to wear during the Spring 2021 Recruitment. We want you to wear whatever represents your personality and what you feel most comfortable in.


This style guide has been made to fit Chico State's Panhellenic Deferred Formal Recruitment.

DAY 1 & 2: Sisterhood 

Your first day of recruitment is full of conversations to get to know each chapter, for this outfit think comfy and cute.  This day is much more casual, think of it as going shopping with your friends, or a day in the city.

photo dec 09, 8 06 49 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 08 18 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 07 18 pm.jpg


Similar to the first day, it will be another long and exciting day. Today, you will be learning more about each chapter's sisterhood and philanthropy. You might wear this outfit to brunch or on a nice date. You could dress it up more with different accessories such as jewelry, watches, jackets, etc.

photo dec 09, 8 33 09 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 31 10 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 31 53 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 35 00 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 29 37 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 36 15 pm.jpg

Pref Night is everyone's favorite night. This is the time to fully dress up, so wear a cute and conservative dress and your favorite heels! This outfit should be something you would wear to a high school formal or a wedding. You want to look polished, elegant, and modest for your potential new chapter.

photo dec 09, 8 53 24 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 53 07 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 50 21 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 44 00 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 52 11 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 8 52 00 pm.jpg

Bid Day is the most exciting day of them all! It's time to relax and run to your newest home! For this day wear a comfy tee, jeans or shorts, and some cute sneakers. After you run home to your sisters you will be given a new shirt to wear when you arrive at your sorority house! 

photo dec 09, 9 14 36 pm.jpg
photo dec 09, 9 08 38 pm.jpg

We hope you found some inspiration from this style guide to help you plan your recruitment outfits! For more information feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding recruitment attire. We hope you all have a fantastic time during recruitment this year, and we can NOT wait to meet you!



Alpha Phi Chico State